Find the Money: The Real Story on How Aid Packages Are Calculated


You've worked up a list of colleges that look promising, from academics to size to location to vibes. Logically, the next step would be to use price to help narrow the field-but how? Going by the figures for total costs shown in catalogs and on Web sites-last year they averaged $24,946 for private colleges and $11,338 for public...

Saving on Your College Loans as Easy as A-B-C


On July 1, 2002, the interest rate on federal Stafford loans dropped from 5.99 percent to 4.06 percent, the lowest rate in the 36-year history of the student loan program. Past student loan borrowers never had it this good. "When the program started in 1965, the rate was 7 percent," says Barry Morrow, chief executive officer at Collegiate Funding...

Now's the Time to Start Working on College Aid


Happy New Year. If you've got a kid who's a senior in high school and planning to start college this fall, you'd better get busy. OK, go ahead and finish your coffee first. But right after that -- or at least as soon as possible within the next few weeks -- it's time to apply for financial aid....

Myths and Realities About Paying for College


Myth: College tuition costs more than $20,000 a year. Reality : Of the 3,600 colleges and universities in America, 81 charged $20,000 or more for tuition and fees in 1997-98. When on-campus room and board charges are added, about 300 institutions cost $20,000 or more before student aid is deducted....

How to Boost Your Financial-Aid Grade


The application may say that June 1 of the senior year is the deadline. This just means that it will be processed if received up to that date, but by then the college is likely to have expended all of its financial aid. The sooner you get your application in after Jan. 1, the better your odds for receiving assistance....

Financial Aid: A Key Part of College


Paying for college is an issue for every family. Many do not have the resources to pay the costs of a college education without unreasonable sacrifices. They must look for student financial aid to provide access and choice to college. With a basic knowledge about how the system works, financial obstacles should never prohibit you from fulfilling...

A Brief Look at Student Financial Aid Programs


Financial aid refers to the wide variety of programs that help students and families pay for college or graduate school. Financial aid is available in three forms: grants and scholarships, which do not have to be repaid; loans, which have to be repaid; and work-study, which provides aid in exchange for work, usually in the form of campus-based...

Financial Aid News and Information


Even if you earn $100,000 a year, you may qualify for "needs-based aid," if your assets fall below certain thresholds. If you earn $50,000 or less each year, some aid is virtually guaranteed. Even those more affluent can receive aid and scholarships. But no one will get one grant that covers all of the costs for a four-year college education. All...

Attorney-Assisted Mortgage Loan Modifications


We know it can be hard to keep up with your mortgage payments, especially if you’re still working to pay off your student loans and other debt, like a car loan and credit cards....

Guide to Deferment and Forbearance


Sometimes life can put a dent in your budget, making it harder to pay your everyday living expenses and monthly bills. When faced with the loss of a job, going back to school or sudden unexpected expenses like medical bills or car-repair costs, even the most responsible borrowers can find themselves struggling to make their student loan payments....

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Student Loans Online

College education has been a necessary requirement for gaining a better job with the modern society. But most students follow up with difficulties for finding funds for their higher studies. Hence the government and private organizations offer Student Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans for the students who want to obtain under graduation and post graduation. Since these options have different merits and demerits, you must choose the better option for you.

Student loans are different from scholarships because they have to be repaid. Student loan schemes are available as subsidized loan and unsubsidized loan. Difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loan is in subsidized loan the interest of the loan is taken care by the Federal Government of USA and in other countries finance ministries provide some sort of assistance, and in unsubsidized loan student has to pay the normal percentage of interest. Both subsidized loan and unsubsidized loan has specific eligibility and approval requirements.

Repayment period of student loan can be anywhere from 10 to 30 years, depending on income, debt amount and other circumstances. To finance the college education “Federal Family Education Loan” (FFEL) program provides the most flexible and affordable student loan options. It is necessary to do some research on student loans online or offline as the total amount with the interest should be affordable to repay otherwise pertinent party will sue you for your debt.

Federal loan program does not cover additional finances such as overseas studies, housing and education related expenses. In specific situation students can go through private student educational loan which have lower interest rates and easy payback schemes compared to credit cards.

Many government and private student loan agencies offer online submission and processing facilities. If a student is eligible to obtain a loan his online application loan would be reviewed and accepted within one week or sooner. There are some online resources which can be used to find eligibility to federal loans as well as to find all other requirements to apply a student loan online.

Obtaining a student loan can be easy and fast, but repaying the loan with the interest is the difficult task. So, before applying to a student loan consider your affordability of repaying the loan amount by calculating monthly loan repayment amount. Nonce an online loan repayment calculator would help to estimate monthly installments of the amount you plan to get.