Student Insurance and Short - Term Health Insurance Plans

Student Insurance and Short - Term Health Insurance Plans 

Health insurance plans provide affordable, flexible coverage for college students, grad students, and for recent grads, as well as for adults and professionals who need short-term medical coverage to tide them over between jobs.

  • Student Insurance
  • Short-Term Insurance

Get a FREE online quote in minutes. It easy and fast to apply, and you could have health insurance coverage as early as tomorrow.

Low-Cost Student Health Insurance

The student health plan offers affordable medical coverage for both undergraduate and graduate students.

  • FAST next-day coverage
  • NO network restrictions — even if you’re out of state
  • Take your coverage with you when you graduate or transfer
  • 10-day free-look period to make sure the plan is right for you
  • Get up to $1 million in coverage

School health plans can be costly and limited in coverage with high deductibles..

Parents, if you’re keeping your college-aged kids on your own health plan, you may be paying higher premiums than necessary. And if your kids are going to school out of state, you can end up paying higher out-of-network costs and deductibles.

Our student health insurance program allows students to go to any doctor, any hospital, without any costly out-of-state or out-of-network expenses. And unlike some school plans, students can be covered all year, not just during the semester.

Affordable Short-Term Individual Health Insurance

Short-term medical insurance plans provide individual health insurance coverage for recent college grads who are still job hunting, and for people who are between jobs, temping, or waiting for employer-sponsored coverage to kick in.

  • FAST next-day coverage
  • Save as much as 50% over COBRA*
  • Choose from 30-day to 12-month plans
  • Get up to $2 million in coverage

If you’ve recently been laid off, maintaining your health insurance with COBRA can be expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars each month. short-term health insurance offers an affordable alternative that could save you as much as 50% over COBRA premiums.*

And short-term individual health insurance allows you to customize the individual health insurance plan that right for you:

  1. Choose a coverage term anywhere between 30 days and 12 months
  2. Pick your own deductible from as low as $250
  3. Visit any doctors or hospitals with NO network restrictions

health insurance products, offered under the Assurant Health brand name, are underwritten and issued by Time Insurance Company. Student and short-term medical coverage plans may not be available in all states. Licensed agent Nathan Schoneberger, 2145 E. Warner Road, Suite 103, Tempe, Arizona 85284.

* Short-term medical insurance is often a lower-cost alternative to COBRA. Please note, however, that if you choose a short-term medical plan rather than maintaining COBRA coverage, you may give up your rights to future coverage for pre-existing conditions or to future guaranteed health insurance.

† Available terms for short-term health plans vary by state.

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